Welcome to Vero Coya Learning

This is a place to humbly share my experience as a budding full time artist / designer. To offer what I’ve learnt in hopes to foster the spark in your own self to blossom onwards and upwards in your own creative endeavours.

Join me on a journey of artistic self discovery, inviting play and magic in the everyday.

About Your Teacher

Vero Coya is a Franco-Ontarien artist and freelance designer currently residing in rural Victoria, Australia. Having spent one year in traditional visual art and design studies in 2012, she has since found her unique art voice with experimentation and play through different mediums and her own rhythm. She creates from a colourful place that exists within her visions. Drawing from nature and comforting motifs, her familiar imagery and use of warm colours invites the viewer to step into her drealm. Weaving a dream, her hand is intuitive and playful as she expresses through paint, digital drawing, pottery, stained glass, tattoo and more.

Stay in touch:

Instagram: @verocoya

Website : www.verocoya.com